ASP.NET AJAX PageMethod not being called or undefined

23 08 2009

If you’re trying to call a page method from ASP.NET client code but you’re method isn’t being called or FireBug flashes the PageMethods error “PageMethods undefined” then you need to follow the following checklist:

List of ASP LCID language codes for Metabase.xml

16 04 2009

After spending ages scouring the net for a list of ASP LCID codes, I’m came across this list which is actually for Word and associated development tools like VB for Applications. This list of codes should also be valid for the AspLCID entry in C:\windows\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml.

The default seems to be set to 2048 but the following list on MSDN lists all of the language codes available.

Of course, the language can be set in a number of different ways, either using the ASPLCID code in the MetaBase.xml, by changing the culture information on the pages or through the web.config.

See the following article:

The main codes used for most english speaking developers will be
English Australia 3081 (&HC09)
English Canadian 4105 (&H1009)
English U.K. 2057 (&H809)
English U.S. 1033 (&H409)

There is also this MSDN link here:

Avoid 1and1 – Hosting Support Is Non-Existant!

28 11 2007

Again I ran into problems with 1and1 hosting today. When I asked about having AJAX problems on their server, this is their answer:

“Thank you for contacting us.

I would like to apologize because I really have no idea with regards to
scripting and it is not part of our support anymore. I will just give
you the link regarding the AJAX tutorial, I hope this can help you.”

Can 1and1 really call this support???

Understanding ASP.NET web.config

28 11 2007

Have you problems with understanding the ASP.NET web.config file?

Its difficult remembering the structure of the web.config file and also what each configuration section/items are available and what they mean.  I often refer to previous versions of my web.config in order to understand which bits I need to add to get the desired functionality in my web app.

Here MSDN details all of the sections and the web.config file: MSDN web.config Info

Freelance web developer in Liverpool & Merseyside or North West area looking for work

28 11 2007

I’m currently looking for new projects as a freelance web developer in Liverpool/Merseyside or North West area. If anyone has any projects that they would like help on I would be very grateful in providing my services at a very reasonable rate.

My skills are in: ASP.NET, AJAX, SQL Server, XHTML, CSS, VB.NET, C#, XML and have good all-round design/graphical skills.

My site is at:

Or contact me on: 07729203240 or

I look forward to hearing from you!

A Web Developer’s Must Have Power Tools

28 11 2007

If you’re a .NET web developer & you’ve just bought a new development machine, then you need to go through the heavy and laborious task of re-installing all your development tools. There is an advantage to starting off with a clean-system and re-installing all your tools of course.

For one thing, you only install the development tools that you *really* need and you get the chance to install newer releases of the software. This got me into creating a tools folder on my development machine with all the newest tools that I think are indespensable. Then I can burn this to a CD or DVD to take home and install on my development machine.

Since I’m also a lowely developer without a big budget, the more free/open-source software I can use which will boost my productivity, the better. So I’m going to build this into my list of must have tools.

I’m still building this list up and I might even make this available for download just like a Linux distro in an ISO format! For now I will make this list available as a download list. The ultimate would be to have a complete set of developer power tools which are free/open-source so I’ve tried to do this where possible, but you can’t always have your cake & eat it!

Must have development tools

AJAX control kit
SQL Express
Visual Web Developer Express

This list is by no means comprehensive, but I will add to it if I discover others. I’d be interested in getting your thoughts for a list of useful and much-needed power tools too!

XML Country List

1 10 2007

The chances are that, at some point during your development project, you’ll need to capture data from you users. Also very likely (and very useful f0r that matter) is to capture where they are from.

The first thing you need is a listbox of countries from where they can select from. To save you time and energy, there is no need to type out every single country into the listbox. This would be a real test of your geographical knowledge!

Follow these simple steps:

1. Drop a listbox control onto your ASP page.
2. Drop an XML datasource control onto your ASP page.
3. Download and copy the countries.xml file into your project (preferably into your app_data folder).
4. Click on the XML datasource smart tag (the small arrow) and wire-up the datasource to your XML File
Note: You have to do a refresh on your project files by right clicking on your folder or root folder in the solution explorer followed by refresh before the XML file will been seen by the XML datasource.

5. Bind the listbox to your XML datasource and voila!

The only problem with this method is that because the country code is stored as inner text within each XML node, the only values than can be shown in your listbox is the ISO code and the 2 letter country code.  Not much use to you really!  You could either change the format of this XML file or access the inner text of each node.

To do this check out Mads Kristensen’s blog. He’s provided a method to programmatically populate the listbox in ASP code behind. Check out his blog here