A Web Developer’s Must Have Power Tools

28 11 2007

If you’re a .NET web developer & you’ve just bought a new development machine, then you need to go through the heavy and laborious task of re-installing all your development tools. There is an advantage to starting off with a clean-system and re-installing all your tools of course.

For one thing, you only install the development tools that you *really* need and you get the chance to install newer releases of the software. This got me into creating a tools folder on my development machine with all the newest tools that I think are indespensable. Then I can burn this to a CD or DVD to take home and install on my development machine.

Since I’m also a lowely developer without a big budget, the more free/open-source software I can use which will boost my productivity, the better. So I’m going to build this into my list of must have tools.

I’m still building this list up and I might even make this available for download just like a Linux distro in an ISO format! For now I will make this list available as a download list. The ultimate would be to have a complete set of developer power tools which are free/open-source so I’ve tried to do this where possible, but you can’t always have your cake & eat it!

Must have development tools

AJAX control kit
SQL Express
Visual Web Developer Express

This list is by no means comprehensive, but I will add to it if I discover others. I’d be interested in getting your thoughts for a list of useful and much-needed power tools too!




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