List of ASP LCID language codes for Metabase.xml

16 04 2009

After spending ages scouring the net for a list of ASP LCID codes, I’m came across this list which is actually for Word and associated development tools like VB for Applications. This list of codes should also be valid for the AspLCID entry in C:\windows\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml.

The default seems to be set to 2048 but the following list on MSDN lists all of the language codes available.

Of course, the language can be set in a number of different ways, either using the ASPLCID code in the MetaBase.xml, by changing the culture information on the pages or through the web.config.

See the following article:

The main codes used for most english speaking developers will be
English Australia 3081 (&HC09)
English Canadian 4105 (&H1009)
English U.K. 2057 (&H809)
English U.S. 1033 (&H409)

There is also this MSDN link here: