Avoid 1and1 – Hosting Support Is Non-Existant!

28 11 2007

Again I ran into problems with 1and1 hosting today. When I asked about having AJAX problems on their server, this is their answer:

“Thank you for contacting us.

I would like to apologize because I really have no idea with regards to
scripting and it is not part of our support anymore. I will just give
you the link regarding the AJAX tutorial, I hope this can help you.


Can 1and1 really call this support???


AJAX Hosting with 1and1

28 09 2007

Well actually they don’t! 

As of publishing this blog, the web hosting company that I’ve hosted several projects with has been 1and1, and I’ve used a handful of other web hosting companies.  I really am not sure which hosting companies seem to be the best, its a bit of a minefield.  There are so many factors to consider such as reliability, uptime, available features and one that I think is most important is support.  If support is not great, then when you run into problems this can be a real nightmare.

Recently, I was about to start a new project and wanted to start using AJAX technology to get the project up and running.  Unfortunately the web hosting company 1and1 told me that they don’t support AJAX.  A major company like 1and1 not supporting a major technology like AJAX?

Fair enough, AJAX is a relatively new technology but there are other companies that are supporting it.  So I repeatedly ask them whether they were certain, and I got varying answers.  At one point they said they did, and silly me, trying to be optimistic, went ahead building my website using AJAX.  When it came to deploy to the server, low and behold none of my AJAX pages worked!  So I shouldn’t have believed them after all!!  I had to rip out all my AJAX components from the pages to get it working.

So for my next project I’ve learnt my lesson.  Only believe they support a technology if they explicitly state it on their list of supported features on their packages.

In fact I’m going to try a different web hosting company this time.  2 other companies I’ve had quite good experience with are Hosting UK and Fast Hosts.  Both have quite reasonable support and both support AJAX.

I’ll let you know how I get on!